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What clients are saying

I adopted Bandit, a dachshund mix, 7 years ago at the Humane Society. From day one he was always very anxious. Loud noises or changes in atmosphere would scare her to the point of aggression. Once I had my son who is now almost 2, I had to make a decision about getting rid of Bandit to secure the safety of my son. I had a real hard time with this decision because Bandit is a part of my family. I decided to try one more thing, I called Dr. Krause and WOW! What an improvement! She came out to our house and taught us how to deal with Bandits anxiety issues. She has become a more loving dog and not one sign of aggression since! Dr. Krause was a life saver for my family and I will forever be thankful!-Jennifer, White Lake, MI


The day after we adopted Sammie, we left her alone in a room for 15 minutes and came back to find the carpet in front of the door completely shredded and the door frame scratched with claw marks. Our attempts to crate train her made the situation worse: she spent her days barking, digging, and chewing -- so much that we sometimes found her nails and gums bleeding when we came home. She broke out of four different crates before we decided to call Dr. Krause.

Dr. Krause taught us a variety of positive training methods that have helped Sammie tremendously. With her help, Sammie can now stay at home alone comfortably for hours -- something that I would not have thought possible a year ago. Our dog, who used to become anxious at the sight of coats, shoes or keys, now barely bats an eye when we head out the door. We are so thankful for Dr. Krause's knowledge, consistence, and positivity, and for the way it has completely turned Sammie's behavior around! - Sigal, Ann Arbor

It is with highest confidence and sincerest gratitude that I recommend Dr. Kari Krause. Dr Krause is efficient, thoughtful, well-researched, and readily available to her clientele. Most importantly for a worried pet owner, Dr. Krause cares about you and your pet and it is her empathic and compassionate approach to behavioral veterinary care that makes all the difference. By the time my husband and I sought Dr. Krause’s assistance our 1 and ½ year old Shih Tzu, Neffie, was in a terrible state. Whenever we would leave the house he was self-mutilating by ripping out teeth and toenails. Video recordings revealed that he was unable to relax at all during the entire time we were gone and at times he would slam himself against the crate. We had already enlisted the help of other professional trainers and had been trying their methods for about 2-3 months. However, Neffie seemed to be getting worse. At this point, our vet at Plaza Vet recommended that I call and speak to Dr. Krause. Dr. Krause provided us with a session in which she came to the house in order to assess Neffie and develop behavioral therapy and a drug regime for him. Neffie required the assistance of pharmaceuticals because his case was so severe. Please note that pharmaceuticals may not be necessary in your dog’s case. In addition she provided us with literature on training exercises and training assistance that we could work on with Neffie to help him learn how to calm himself down.

More importantly, by listening to us describe his symptoms and reactions, Dr. Krause was able to assess that Neffie was not suffering from separation anxiety in a standard form but rather his separation anxiety was brought on by noise phobia. I point this out to emphasize Dr. Krause’s skills as a clinician. Neffie’s injuries and even his video evidence seemed to indicate he was suffering from separation anxiety. However, Dr. Krause deduced from her observation of his behavior and our description of his extreme fear of the garbage truck and other loud cars and trucks that it was noises that made him afraid and that fear simply heightened when we were gone because he was more alert.

Neffie has changed dramatically under Dr. Krause’s care. Prior to seeing Dr. Krause he had stopped playing with his toys. He almost never wagged his tail. He didn’t chew on his bones. He couldn’t relax when he was alone. It was heartbreaking as a pet owner who loves him dearly to see him suffer so much. Now he plays a lot, he chews his bone every night, and the tail is always wagging (our favorite thing!). We video tape him when we are gone (and besides chewing on the treats we leave for him to make us leaving a bit of a reward) he sleeps most of the time.

This is not to say that Neffie doesn’t have his bad days, he does. He is still afraid of the garbage truck. But he can calm himself down now within 3-4 minutes after it leaves. Also, a bad day hasn’t consisted of a lost tooth or a nail ripped out, but rather of him not eating the treats we left or of not sleeping the whole time. In the scheme of things there is no comparison between the two events.

Finally, and I believe most importantly, I would like to express to you that in Dr. Krause you receive a truly amazing compassionate professional. She often reviewed videos of Neffie’s behavior and recommended new toys and training behaviors that would assist him. She was patient and empathetic when Neffie’s behavior was so destructive and I found myself overwhelmed with emotion. And she has been a wonderful resource that has given us a happier little guy which we thought we lost and for that we cannot thank her enough. - Tricha, Farmington Hills

I seriously am so happy I decided to call Dr.Krause that day. We would not be here without her. The day I went to pick up our sweet puppy, was a day I swear I would not forgot. The moment I seen what was definitely not a puppy pulled from a barn, with a rope around his neck, covered in what smelled like cow manure I knew I had my hands full. Without hesitation I handed over the money, and put this not so sweet looking puppy into the back of my car. We named him Koda.

Koda, was a mess. He was afraid of everything, didn’t have a clue on what a house was, or how to eat out of a bowl among a lot of other things. Koda would not let us touch him, get near him. We worked through this slowly, until we notice him getting more and more aggressive and impulsive. He was still timid with us, but at least he was not aggressive, but to anyone else, he was a scary dog no one wanted to be around.

Koda was so full of anxiety and anger. He wouldn’t even sleep unless our entire house was still. We couldn’t have anyone come into our home, we couldn’t leave Koda alone. He would cry, and chew/tear up everything in sight. He tried multiple kennels, this was unsuccessful. He broke, bent and got him stuck. I had to rush home to try to get him out! So we did. We stayed home, we had no company allowed into our home. We were miserable, Koda was miserable. I thought to myself this dog is never going to a suitable house pet. There’s no way. What do I do?

I made the call to Dr. Krause.

I was sad, frustrated, on the verge of trying to find him a new suitable home, but he loved us and we loved him, I reached out in one last attempt to try to help him.

After Dr. Krause left my house, I was not hopeful. How could all these little changes and medication regimen help him? There’s no way this is going to work. I felt defeated.

The moment she left, I made a promise to Koda that we would try everything, sleep would follow the directions perfectly!

To my surprise, after a few short weeks I started to notice Koda changing. He could relax! He didn’t get scared when we reached out to pet him. We could take Koda on a leash for a walk. We slowly started having guest over, and it went better then it ever has. We still have work to do, but our family could not be happier. He plays and rolls around on the couch like a huge puppy!

To anyone stuck, frustrated, & feeling hopeless. Make the call, reach out.

I would 110% recommend Dr. Krause. Without a doubt she has changed our lives, and most importantly Koda's life.- Marisa, Westland